Reloader Roll Crimping Tool 12GA zn12

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Main specifications
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  • A SIMPLE tool that is RELIABLE in usage. It can be easily installed on any horizontal surface. Electricity supply is unnecessary for usage, which is why it is possible to reload shotgun cartridges under any conditions. The tool is mainly made of steel and aluminum, giving the product a long life.
  • EASILY learn to use this tool. You don’t need any special knowledge or manuals to start using the tool for shotshell reloading. You can immediately begin to use it after fixing it on the surface. As the speed of shotgun cartridge spin is low, you don’t need to use any additional lubricants.
  • More AFFORDABLE prices in comparison to other manufacturers. Product prices are more affordable in comparison to other manufacturers of shotgun cartridge reloading tools.
  • A STEADIER result of shotgun shell crimp. Manually spinning a cartridge is a more controllable process during which you achieve the necessary result and a steadier crimp, in contrast to reloading with a power tool.
  • It can load MORE than 100,000 shotgun shells. A removable aluminum crimp starter is used in the tool, which can be replaced with another one as needed, ensuring your tool will last many years.

This tool should be in every shotgun cartridge reloading set.  

Its advantages:

EASY of USE and shotgun cartridge reloading

It’s EASY to LEARN how to use it

A QUALITY RESULT of shotgun cartridge crimp

An affordably priced AFFORDABLY PRICED tool

A long life

It works with 70/76 mm  shotgun cartridges.

It works with plastic and paper shotgun shells.

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Reviews (23)
Denver Loveless
Denver Loveless
This is a GREAT PRODUCT !! I purchased a while back, and have been using it for some time now. It produces a nice roll crimp every time. It appears kinda of cheap at first look, but it isn't. As long as you don't put the Gorilla Grip on it when using it, it should last a lifetime. I do recommend you oil it with a few drops of 3 in 1 or some other quality oil on the hinges and rods. Also, add some Crisco ( or similar product) inside the crimp head with a Q-tip before use., and occasionally after that. You'll get a better crimp.
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor
This is a great little roll crimper. Great for off the grid or power out or just roll crimping while watching tv with the wife.
The body it composed of a weak pot metal, however, this is fine as this metal is more than strong enough to roll crimp all plastic shotgun shells.
The only drawback is you can not roll crimp mini shells as the push rod is just too short, will have to cut the rod and weld/grind/polish an extension to get the last half inch. I did not remove stars as the roll crimper does exactly what it is designed to do.
hugh regalado
hugh regalado
Very good little tool. Well worth the price. A higher quality version would be nice, but would cost considerably more.

This works fine. No instructions, so hit YouTube. It’s super simple.

Most difficult thing is knowing how long to trim your hulls if you’re using once fired.

I’m not disappointed at all.
I got this tool earlier this morning and went and loaded a box of shells with it. It works great! Even my first one turned out good. It will roll crimp 3" hulls but it's a tight fit.
The product shipped from Russia. It took about 4 weeks to arrive which was about 2 weeks faster than promised. It was completely worth the wait.

I haven't used a drill bit crimper; but, in researching I felt there were too many negatives..
* it appears you have to spin the bit for a while and heat it up before it starts working right. Many people said to do your first crimp in a batch on a throwaway hull.
* I don't have a drill press and didn't like the thought of having my corded drill knocking stuff of my bench.
* You need to purchase or make some kind of vice to hold the shell while you crimp.
* You have to use a lot of "feel"... I just don't think I could be consistent with RPMs and push pressure.

I bought this and it's perfect. I mounted a board to the leg of my bench so that I could setup the crimper in a vertical position. It's now part of the bench without using any of the work surface, there are no power cords around the work surface, and the vertical position keeps the shot nice and level while crimping.

With this you consistently get perfect crimps.... Just a little pressure and 6-7 turns of the handle is all it takes.

The only downside is 3" and larger hulls will not fit. It's fine with me though as I'm only loading target shells and low recoil slugs.