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 Roll Crimping Tool for shotshell reloading 

A SIMPLE tool that is RELIABLE in usage. It can be easily installed on any horizontal surface. Electricity supply is unnecessary for usage, which is why it is possible to reload shotgun cartridges under any conditions. The tool is mainly made of steel and aluminum, giving the product a long life.

EASILY learn to use this tool. You don’t need any special knowledge or manuals to start using the tool for shotshell reloading. You can immediately begin to use it after fixing it on the surface. As the speed of shotgun cartridge spin is low, you don’t need to use any additional lubricants.

More AFFORDABLE prices in comparison to other manufacturers. Product prices are more affordable in comparison to other manufacturers of shotgun cartridge reloading tools.

A STEADIER result of shotgun shell crimp. Manually spinning a cartridge is a more controllable process during which you achieve the necessary result and a steadier crimp, in contrast to reloading with a power tool.

It can load MORE than 10000 shotgun shells. A removable aluminum crimp starter is used in the tool, which can be replaced with another one as needed, ensuring your tool will last many years.

Shotshell Reloading Press

The tool is designed to reload and crimp the cartridge.

The tool consists of seven parts.

Tool material steel and plastic.


The removal of the charged used primers out of the shotshell hulls.

The installation of the new primers into the shotshell hulls.

The crimping shotshell hulls shape of a "star". 

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