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Roll Crimping Tool for shotshell reloading 

A SIMPLE tool that is RELIABLE in usage for shotshell reloading .

Can be used with a drill.

EASILY learn to use this tool. You don’t need any special knowledge or manuals to start using.

More AFFORDABLE prices in comparison to other manufacturers. Product prices are more affordable in comparison to other manufacturers of shotgun cartridge reloading tools.

A STEADIER result of shotgun shell crimp.

It can load MORE than 10000 shotgun shells. A removable aluminum crimp starter is used in the tool, which can be replaced with another one as needed, ensuring your tool will last many years.

This tool should be in every shotgun cartridge reloading set.  

Its advantages:

EASY of USE and shotgun cartridge reloading

It’s EASY to LEARN how to use it

A QUALITY RESULT of shotgun cartridge crimp

An affordably priced AFFORDABLY PRICED tool

A long life

It works with any mm  shotgun cartridges.

It works with plastic and paper shotgun shells.

Video Instruction


Reviews (19)
Michael O.
Michael O.
Works good but you have to use it on a low speed
I love it.
The roll crimper works well for hulls with bad petals (making cut shells), and for making slugs with an overshot card.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer
Been having much fun making mini slugs. Works best in a drill press. Don't try using hand drill.
Eric garcia
Eric garcia
These will take a little longer than advertised to arrive. The roll crimps are made well enough. I have a small drill press that i use and these work very well. medium pressure at first to warm up the plastic , then press down with a little more force and you are done. work Great.
Prime delivery in 2 days . Same day received, I crimped 250 slug loads using my drill press at its lowest setting (680rmp) .
So much easier , and with better results than my hand cranked crimper . Priced at $16.00 seems like a bargain .ctory looking handloads .